There is huge demand for vocational education institutes, as the youth wants to develop their skills to increase their employability chances

Some Lucrative Franchise Opportunities In the Education Sector

Education and training is an important element of the nation’s education initiative. India has one of the largest technical manpower in the world. However, when compared to its population, it does not showcase a significant number.

In India, the emphasis has always been on general education, with students cramming up notes to get good grades, while vocational education can be considered as one of the training which has the capability to reduce the percentage of educated unemployment.

 Therefore Skills and knowledge are the engines of economic growth and social development of any country if they go hand-in-hand. However, a lot of the educated youth in the country are largely unemployable due to lack of skills. The Government of India is investing heavily on skill development through various programmes and tie-ups across the county.

Below  here are some best  business opportunities in the education sector.

Knowledge knows no boundaries. In a country growing rapidly in terms of technology and employment, you might get placed anywhere in the world. It is always beneficial to learn 2 or 3 languages to sustain in different geographical locations with people of various cultures and languages. As an entrepreneur, you should consider opening a language school franchise as it one of profitable business in the education industry. You need to ensure that your language school is well located so that you can easily attract people who are interested in learning foreign languages. For example, language schools like Language International, The British Institute, and others offer you franchises with an initial investment of around 5-10 lakhs.

Earlier, aviation and hospitality training was not a traditional choice for a course, but with changing scenarios these have emerged are the most sought after courses in India. The aviation industry in India is riding on a growth wave, exceeding the annual growth rate of over 25%. In fact, India is seen as the third largest aviation market by 2025. Students are constantly trying for a job in the aviation sector, given perks and opportunity.

Thus, opting for an aviation training franchise will offer you flying profits. Institutes like Amigo academy offer you franchising opportunities for an investment of 20 – 30L.

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