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Are you wondering how to become a successful franchise consultant? Or wanted to get franchise consultant training in India? 

Open a franchise Bazar Office and start a profitable consultancy where we enable you to become a franchise broker with franchise broker training! We will also tell you how to become a franchise business consultant with best practices in the franchising Industry.

You Can Connect Entrepreneurs With New Business Opportunities!

India’s Franchise Industry is exploding and expanding rapidly. It is estimated that there are over 10,000+ franchise opportunities in the organized format seeking Franchises across India. 1000sof new businesses transforming themselves into organized franchise businesses in India every year along with several global brands looking at appointing franchises in India. This means millions of entrepreneurs across all cities, towns, and villages of India are going to buy new franchise business opportunities. 

Here is your opportunity to play a pivotal role in enabling new opportunities for India.

Join FranchiseBazar, India’s #1 Franchise Consultants Network TODAY.

You can reach out to 1000s of entrepreneurs seeking new opportunities. You will guide these new business seekers in your city/town and along the way, you will become a preferred professional for anybody who wants to explore a new business idea, dealerships, distributorships, agencies, and all types of franchise business opportunities.

We offer an array of benefits when you open a franchise business consultant with us!

    1. Dashboard with Ready Business & Leads
    2. Assured Revenue from Month 1. 
    3. Detailed Training Program
    4. Standard Operating Procedures
    5. 3000+ Brands Already Listed
    6. 20+ Years of Franchising Experience

Calling Work From Home consultants to Join India’s #1 Franchise Consultants Network

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What are the benefits of Becoming a Franchise Consultant ?

  1. Join the most Reputed Franchise Consultancy Company in India with Unparalleled Experience, Entrepreneur
  2. Engagement and Brands on Board.
  3. 20+ Years of Franchising Experience.
  4. 3000+ Brands Listed on Our Website.
  5. 100+ Cities and Towns of India covered Extensively.
  6. One-Stop-Shop for all types of Franchise Business Opportunities, Agencies, Dealerships, Distributorships, International Master Franchises and opportunities in 50+ Segments / Industries across various verticals.
  7. 100+ New Business Ideas & Brands onboarded every month.
  8. Exclusive Sign-Ups with Several Brands who only work with us and nobody else.

Why Choose FranchiseBazar To Become A New Franchise Consultant ?

Website Listing:

    1. Listing on for Entrepreneurs to connect with you from your city.
    2. Official FranchiseBazar Email ID.

Lead generation :

    1. Entrepreneur Leads to your city from’ HO passed to you to connect them locally.
    2. We average 2.5L+ Pageviews every month and have a large number of entrepreneurs reaching out to us every day from all corners of India and the globe.

Training :

    1. Get Trained to be a FB Certified Consultant.
    2. Training Program by the most experienced franchising team.
    3. Exclusive 1-1 sessions from India’s foremost franchise consultant, Mr. Amit Nahar.

Marketing : 

    1. All our digital platforms including Google, YouTube, Facebook & several others.
    2. Preferred WFH Franchise Consultant in your city for entrepreneurs looking at starting a new business.

Standard operating procedures:

    1. Reporting Formats, Entrepreneur Forms with well-defined systems and processes at every step.
    2. Build & Operate a Profitable Brokerage Business no time.

Return on investment:

    1. Estimated ROI in 12 Months with the potential of earning Rs 50K – 1L Per Month for passionate, committed, and successful franchise partners.
    2. The returns are commensurate with the time that you put in and the skill with which you are able to operate, rather than the investments that you make.

What Are The Investments To Open A Franchise?

Non-Refundable Franchise Fee:

      1. Rs 1L for All Cities above 5L+ Population
      2. Rs 75KL for Cities with less than 5L Population
      3. Rs 50K for Towns with Less than 1L Population

How to be Eligible to be a franchise consultant in India ?

  1. All Consultants, Agents, Brokers, Marketers, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate Agents, Event Managers, Travel Agents, Professors, Teachers, Investment Advisors, Shares and Stocks Brokers, Sub Brokers, Retailers, Analysts, Researchers, Sales People and everyone who has a good network of clients who are also New Business Seekers.
  2. WomenEntrepreneurs with great interpersonal skills looking at
  3. Flexi timing Opportunities.
  4. MLM & Network Marketing Professionals.
  5. Educated Business Persons seeking Low Investment High Return Opportunities.
  6. All Employees who have Work Experience in Sales, Marketing,
  7. Management, Operations, HR, Consulting Etc and Now Want to Start Their Own Business.
  8. Professionals like CA’s, Auditors, Architects & others who have a passion for entrepreneurship other than their current practice.

What Are The Roles & Responsibility / Work of a franchise consultant in India ?

  1. Your primary role is to generate local leads from your area and convince entrepreneurs to buy a Gold Plus Membership on
  2. Manage all leads in your dashboard as per the T.A.T Guidelines laid down by the H.O.
  3. Maintain ongoing relationships to get new leads from references locally.
  4. Local Area Marketing, Participation in community events and other activities to Create awareness of services offered to Entrepreneurs seeking new business ideas and opportunities.
  5. Connect entrepreneurs with Brands. Help them in evaluating the right brands, build their profiles and assist them to sign up with an opportunity of their choice.
  6. Find entrepreneurs for exclusive brands that are signed by the HO and match make the brands that are sent for the appointment of franchises from your territories.
  7. Refer WFH consultants in your city to the HO to expand your network and reach.
  8. Provide infrastructural facilities and office access for WFH consultants and their clients who want to meet you in person.
  9. Stay connected to HO with proper video conferencing set up and tools.

How and Where to Apply to become a Certified and Trained Franchise Consultant In India ?

  2. Call +91 9844443200 After completing the above application form.
  3. Initial Telephonic Interview to assess your suitability for the franchise.
  4. Detailed Franchise Presentation
  5. Second Round Interview with Senior Management.
  6. Approval / Rejection Letter along with LOI Shared.
  7. Payment of initial LOI Fees of Rs 11800/-
  8. Final Round Interview with CEO.
  9. Refund of Rs 11800/- Incase rejected.
  10. Sharing Draft Agreement for ApprovedProfiles.
  11. Sign Up Agreement.
  12. Fix Training Dates.
  13. Get Trained.
  14. Get Office Approved.
  15. Start Your Franchise Consultancy in Your City.