What is a FranchiseBazar ?

Franchise Bazar is a Supermarket of Franchise Business Opportunities, where 3000+ Franchise Opportunities, Agencies, Dealerships, and Distributorships are showcased. Entrepreneurs who want to start a new business reach out to us on what could be best suited for them. We offer them our recommendations on what could be suitable for them based on their skills, investment levels, experience, and lifestyle.

What are the requirements to be a FranchiseBazar Work From Home (WFH) Independent Franchise Consultants ?

  1. You must possess very good interpersonal skills and a flair for consulting services.
  2. A very good local network of clients whom you could be the best prospects seeking new business opportunities in your location
  3. Must be proficient in using computers & the internet.
  4. Capital investment of Rs 50k-1Lakh depending upon your city.
  5. Typically, people with good reputation, contacts, and networking.

What are the requirements to be a FranchiseBazar Branch Office Franchisee ?

  1. An exclusive FranchiseBazar.com branded office premises measuring 300-400 Sq. Ft. Space in a good location.
  2. Fully furnished office with one cabin, one counseling area, and basic office facilities.
  3. 2 Computer/s with Broad Band Internet connectivity
  4. Capital investment of Rs 2-6 Lakhs depending upon your city.
  5. Human Resource – 1 office administrator cum counselor & 1 office assistant/peon.
  6. Typically, people with good reputation, contacts, and networking.  Consultants dealing with financial / insurance/ real estate/events/marketing services/broking services, Couples, Senior Professionals, and Women Entrepreneurs and other individuals seeking a serious professional consultancy business.

Which Model is Suitable for Me & Why ?

We are only appointing a limited number of branch offices in a city and hence this one is only for a very specific few entrepreneurs who match our exact requirements as given in the subsequent answers. Also, you will need to have access to an office and investments of Rs 2-6Lakhs to be able to apply for a branch office franchise.

Incase the Branch Model is not available for your city or you have limited financial resources then the WFH model is the best for you. It is primarily meant for entrepreneurs who have good communication and interpersonal skills and want to operate a profitable consultancy all by themselves from the comfort of their home office.

What are the Franchise Models that FranchiseBazar is Offering ?

Model 1: FranchiseBazar Branch Office. (Branch Consultants)

You will need a 300 Sft Exclusive Office in a prominent location in your city. We expect to have 4-5 offices in all large metros and expect our clients to reach our office from anywhere within the city in 15 Minutes. They will be in the North, South, East, West and Central part of the city covering the entire city. Smaller cities will have 2 offices that could service customers in their vicinities. Towns with less than 3L population will have only 1 office to serve the entire city.

The Investment Levels will be 2-6Lakhs depending upon your city.


  • Model 2: FranchiseBazar Work From Home Office Independent Franchise Consultants. (WFH Consultants)

You will need to be well connected with business seekers in your city and have a good network and should be meeting new people every day due to your current line of activity. This is ideal for consultants, sales professionals, agents, brokers, and educated business persons.

The investment levels will be 50k-1Lakh depending upon your city.

Why should I take up the FranchiseBazar franchise ?

  1. The Franchise Industry in India is just beginning to shape up as there are tremendous opportunities that lay ahead as 1000’s of companies have started franchising and millions of entrepreneurs have started exploring new franchise opportunities.
  2. You are in business from day one at minimal cost and you would be trained to service customers with 100’s of opportunities from day 1.
  3. A ready database of companies, which is growing every day, will be used to service entrepreneurs who come to you for business.
  4. You can leverage your existing contacts and your local networking and start servicing entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business, instantly.
  5. We have a professional team with expertise on franchising at the back-end to support the franchises on every profile that reaches them. The franchises would get recommendations based on their expertise, to match the entrepreneur requirements.
  6. Business sophistication is made available to you along with a daily reporting mechanism coupled with a strong operations manual guiding you with every step of the business.
  7. As our representative you will get leads, we get from your region, and we have a large number of entrepreneurs reaching out to us every day.
  8. A white collared professional franchise that will definitely make you popular in your region.
  9. And off-course a very profitable business consultancy for yourself.

Why would any customer buy a business through FranchiseBazar when they could get a franchisee from any company directly ?

Today, there is so much information available that anybody could go to any company and take that up. From our experience of handling 1000’s of entrepreneurs we are;

    1. We have a scientific approach to match a specific profile with the best possible franchise opportunities out there. There are 100’s of options available and entrepreneurs need professional help to get the best ones for themselves.
    2. We also know some of the freshest opportunities that have not yet reached the markets or have only reached specific regions. We could help entrepreneurs with these emerging opportunities at a very early stage.
    3. Serious Entrepreneurs would need to get the track record of franchisees that are operational, which they may be contemplating. We also have seen so many companies wind up, so many franchisees occur losses for selecting the wrong opportunities, so many franchisees frustrated with their businesses because they haven’t understood their roles correctly or negotiated or chosen the said opportunities correctly.
    4. We educate the franchisee on the financials and legal terms in their favor because we believe if they start their franchisee right, they will succeed.

What is the nature of training and on-going support provided ?

We start with an initial Full Day Video Training Program to get you readied as a franchise consultant. This is followed up by another full day in the coming week for the branch franchise team. In case it is convenient you could also travel for the training program to our HO at Bangalore. Thereafter during the set-up phase, we will help you with the training and launch activities. After the initial 2 days, in the initial months of operations, we have a first 10 leads hand-holding program, that our managers will train you to service. Our Branch Franchises will get the Leads Dashboard for their city from which they can access the leads themselves. Thereafter you will have to start generating your own leads from your local markets. Additionally, our proven business system will help you run the business in an efficient manner. On an ongoing basis, we’ll assist you with advertising, market trends, and other support. You will have a dedicated support manager from the HO for any help at all times.

What would be Franchise Bazar’s target market segment and what is the scope of capturing it ?

Anybody who is interested to start a new business and has capital beginning from Rs 5 Lakhs up to any amounts is our target market. We can help them take up almost any business ranging from education, retail, restaurant, eCommerce, logistics, computers, internet, services, fitness, healthcare, travel. It is not difficult to identify these prospects from your geography. Everybody from a businessman, to a student completing his studies, to a housewife, to a retiring professional is our client. People from all walks of life and all sections of society reach out to us.

What could be the best location from where I could start this franchise? What are our office timings ?

You have to be in an area, which is easily accessible by the target market. Since all customers are invited to our office, being in an easily accessible place will ensure better services for our clients. You will have to note that we operate from 10.00 Am to 7.00 Pm including Saturdays.

What is critical to the execution & success of this business?

Commitment, Commitment, Commitment…

If there is commitment then we have all the tools to support the franchise towards achieving success.

For a detailed presentation on the Franchise Bazar available closest to you please speak to the concerned officer or mail us on fboffice@franchisebazar.com or apply now on https://www.franchisebazar.com/be-our-franchise

Since you are interested in becoming a FranchiseBazar Franchisee Please give us more details:


    1. I can invest Rs 2-6 Lakhs.
    2. I can arrange 300-400 sq. ft office
    3. I already have an office.
    4. I meet new people regularly who are keen to start a new business due to my present line of work.

Mention Your Present Occupation:



Work From Home (WFH) Franchise

    1. I can invest Rs 0.50-1 Lakhs.
    2. I meet new people regularly who are keen to start a new business due to my present line of work.

Mention Your Present Occupation:




The franchise business model in India offers the franchisee with benefits like lower risk, brand assurity, marketing, and training support and many more when compared to an independent business model or starting a business from scratch.


It is very easy, you just need to arrange a  minimum 300 sq ft. exclusive office in your city and ensure that you are able to make the right match with what the entrepreneurs have and what the franchisors seek.


There are several things to consider before buying a franchise. Assess your strength, keep yourself updated, contact a right franchise consultant and you are ready!

The franchise business model in India offers the franchisee with benefits like lower risk, brand assurity, marketing, and training support and many more when compared to an independent business model or starting a business from scratch.


Being trained and certified becomes very necessary to get recognized so that they can deliver their best to the clients who are looking out for franchisee. So one can enroll themselves in professional training program being provided by the top notch  franchising companies like Framchisebazar.com#India’s No.1 Franchise Consultants Network.

who has 20+ years of franchising experience#be a franchise broker #be a franchisebazar franchisee


One could apply at Start A FranchiseBazar Consultancy Office In Your City and check with senior consultants on whether they are suitable to do so and match the requirements to become a franchisebazar franchise for their city.

#Be a franchisebazar franchisee


Franchise consultants are very beneficial for entrepreneurs looking for opportunities, which makes your target audience. you make a difference in the successful franchise set up in India.


Franchisors typically pay franchise consultants a percentage of the upfront franchise fee. Therefore, there is a defined percentage wherein the franchisor pays out of the franchise fee received from the franchisee


An independent franchise consultant is someone who acts sort of like a mentor to the franchisees seeking for franchisee by helping them to guide them through the process of franchising and other franchising related queries that too which is possible at your ease with flexible working hours #Be an independent franchise consultant


The first thing to consider is the total investment which includes the purchase costs, your opening inventory and the amount of working capital so that you break even as per your business plan


Do your initial research, shortlist and finalise about the company you wish to take the franchise of, select a location, review the franchise agreement and start your new journey as well as to get clear idea one can also hire a certified franchise consultant