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Mumbai – “THE FINANCIAL CAPITAL OF INDIA” often referred to as the ‘City of Dreams’ among the masses, is one of the top locations for entrepreneurs exploring the best franchise opportunities in India and having the greatest potential to explore about the financial consultancy franchise in India.


It is of no surprise to anyone that the National Capital of the country offers some of the best business opportunities in India for entrepreneurs to explore. The rich, diverse, and welcoming vibe of the city is bound to explore the consultancy franchise in India.


Bangalore is probably the only city in India that is identified as a leading tech giant and a mecca for startups in the country, India’s Food and Pub Hub, therefore this city can surely be considered perfect for education consultancy franchise in India. one can also explore other consulting franchise opportunities in India.


Hyderabad, better known as “The City of Pearls”, and extremely famous for its mouthwatering delicacies, boasts a ton of business opportunities for entrepreneurs exploring new business ideas in the franchise consulting field


Ahmedabad has been one of the top choices among people looking for new business opportunities in India since time immortal. Industries such as textile, automobile, education, chemical, and real estate have been flourishing..making it viable for the professionals to opt for consultancy franchise in India.


Chennai (formerly known as Madras) is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It was founded in 1661, till today’s date, Chennai has become an economic base anchored by the automobile, software services, medical tourism, hardware manufacturing, and financial services. Other important industries include petrochemicals, textiles and apparel, and other rapid development, making it viable for consultancy franchise opportunities in Chennai.


Kolkata is widely regarded as the principle educational, cultural, and commercial hub of the eastern part of the country which is why it is highly popular among business seekers exploring some of the best business ideas wherein one also considers the consulting franchise opportunities available in Kolkata with the growth of entrepreneurship development.


Surat is a city in the Indian state of Gujarat. Once known to be one of the largest seaports in the country, it is now a centre for diamond cutting and polishing. It is the eighth-largest city and ninth-largest urban city attracting franchisees and the franchise consultants like you.


Pune has been an attractive destination for the youth of the country since a very long time now and is called the ‘cultural capital of India’ for all the right reasons..wherein educated professionals taking interest in franchise consulting opportunities


Exploring the top franchise opportunities in Jaipur? FranchiseBazar is here to guide you about the consulting franchise opportunities. The pink city of Jaipur has been a prominent business hub among entrepreneurs looking to invest in franchisees.


The City of Nawabs has opened its doors to a vast number of business franchise opportunities Lucknow. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh, rich in culture and art is important to center governance, administration, education have a huge potential for consulting franchise opportunities


There’s evidence to believe that Aurangabad was developed as a trading hub four centuries ago. which expanded its business boundaries towards franchising making it a grand opportunity for choosing consulting as a career. It lies on a major trade route that used to connect north-west India’s sea and land ports to the Deccan region.


The biggest commercial zone in North India has been looked at new business franchise opportunities in Amritsar, other than the traditional ones.


The economic scenario after demonetisation will provide a good business opportunity for the franchise consultants. therefore the demand for franchisees will increase as it is a developing city within MUMBAI region.


A land of opportunities, Bhubaneswar the State Capital of Odisha, has already scaled enviable heights of achievements in IT. It is heartening to note that the State of Odisha has achieved 10th position among the Indian States in IT exports. The demand for franchise consulting is also tremendously increasing due to the rapid growth of technology.


Gurgaon is a city just southwest of New Delhi in northern India. It’s known as a financial and technology hub. Therefore the demand for franchising and franchise consultants is surely on a higher note.


There are many successful startups emerging in Guwahati making franchise consultants a need in such places.


Mira Bhayander, a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) located in the northern part of Mumbai, has emerged as one of the top investment destinations in the MMR. Mira Road is on the western line of the Mumbai suburban railway and has easy connectivity to Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Mumbai. therefore the scope is immense for franchise consulting career.

19​. ​KOTA

KOTA becomes an Educational Hotspot for Coaching Institutes wherein it is in developing stage towards employment making it a great choice for franchise consultants


Historically speaking, the cities of Rajasthan like BIKANER have always held an important position in the business history of the world making this area a better choice for franchising and consultants as well


At present condition, digitalization has transformed the whole industrial scenario in India. Numbers of franchise business opportunities are flooding in Amravati recently. Entrepreneurs have displayed exceptional enthusiasm to explore the franchise industry. therefore opening up a franchise consultancy would be a plus point in Amritsar!

22​. ​NOIDA

Noida is a planned city in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh wherein there are already established thousands of industries which would turn out to be a better place for franchise consulting


Understanding the changing scenario, in Jamshedpur, there is a tremendous growing Best Profitable Manufacturing & Processing Business Ideas, to Start with.

Major Industrial Areas in Jharkhand. … -Mining & Minerals -Agro-Based Industries -Sericulture (Tasar Silk) -Steel Industry -Rural Industries and many more, Therefore, consultancy services in franchising of the above-mentioned industries can easily find its ground.


The economy of Gujarat, a state in Western India, has significant agricultural as well as industrial production within India. The major agricultural produce of the state includes cotton, groundnuts (peanuts), dates, sugar cane, milk, and milk products. Industrial products include cement and petrol which are included in best small scale business opportunity in Bhavnagar hence there are ample business opportunities for franchise consultants


The economic survey presented by the state government of UTTARAKHAND reflected an improvement in the revenue collection, gross domestic product (GDP), growth rate, and several other sectors of the economy wherein Dehradun was a major part of the economic growth opening up the opportunities for franchise consulting.


The economy of Asansol is primarily dependent on its steel and coal industry and superb trade and commerce giving in the best opportunity for both the models of franchise consulting


19% of Jamnagar District’s population is Muslim. The local population has long given up its ancestral fishing business and adopted many new-age professions as the local economy has picked up due to the industrialisation of Jamnagar and the arrival of several giant companies which makes it the best place for franchise consulting business models.


Ulhasnagar, which is located in the northeast of Mumbai, comes under the Thane district of Maharashtra state. The business in the city has achieved tremendous progress in various types of industries during recent years. However, Ulhasnagar is famous for jeans manufacturing, wedding materials and furniture opening up the opportunities for manufacturing consultancy franchise opportunities


Dum Dum is a city and a municipality of North 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is close to Kolkata and also a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority Therefore making it the best place for new business opportunities under franchising

30​. ​LATUR

Latur became one of the important trading hubs during the time of Nizams of Hyderabad. It is an industrial center as well as an agriculture-based economy. Latur has become the rising Industrial Hub Of Marathwada making the hotspot for franchise business in India.


As Tirupati is a major religious tourist destination, the hospitality industry is also a major industry which includes many 3 star hotels and lodges opening up opportunities for tourism franchise consulting


The economy of the district is primarily agricultural. About 42.18 of the total workers are engaged in agriculture and allied activities, 7.68% in a cottage and household industries and the rest in other activities.. but the Education and health sectors are other emerging sectors in Rohtak which brings in the opportunities for franchise consulting business


Bilaspur is the headquarters of South Eastern Coalfields, the largest and most profitable subsidiary of Coal India wherein the opportunities for manufacturing franchises are immense calling out for franchise consultants.


Bareilly is one of the fastest-growing cities in India thanks to its booming economy. Bareilly’s economy is still largely agrarian-based but trade and commerce are driving diversification. Bareilly has a lot of potential for setting up industries and to attract people to settle here thus making the franchise consulting carrier a great opportunity.

37​. ​SATARA

The one-third population of the Satara district is engaged in economically productive activities as the main work. The economy of the district is still dependent upon agriculture but the trade and commerce industries are growing at a rapid rate wherein one can take the opportunity to expand their business by franchise consulting.


It is one of those places which are blessed with a rich diversity of the economy. Agriculture, Industry, and Non-agro based economy; all have flourished to the maximum. Thus, making it one of the prosperous districts for opening up a franchise consulting in INDIA.


Gandhidham is a relatively new town it is highly developed in business and economy. Geographically, the town is located in a semi-arid area with low rainfall and so agriculture was never its strong point. Contrarily, people here have always depended on trade and industry to earn their living thus making this place viable for franchise consulting business


The economy of the Gandhinagar district depends on services in the public sector, Electrical and Electronics, Textiles, Ceramics, Food Processing, and Office Stationery. Agriculture is also an imperative backbone of the economy of Gandhinagar District. The city is known for its small and medium scale industries where franchises can definitely be a successful model.


Vellore, located in Tamil Nadu, India, has a diversified economy, primarily based in leather processing, shoe manufacturing, automobile assembly, precision tool milling, explosive materials production, and the service industry where people mostly believe in business models wherein franchise consulting business is surely a hit.

42​. ​SHIMLA

The Shimla economy is mainly dependent upon the revenue from the travel and tourism industry and the agriculture and horticulture in the region. Shimla is a beautiful hill resort. As such the place is being flocked by thousands of tourists not only from the Indian subcontinent but abroad too..making it the best place for tourism franchise consulting services


Gangtok’s economy does not have a large manufacturing base but has a thriving Cottage industry in watch-making, country-made alcohol, and handicrafts. Among the handicrafts is the handmade paper industry wherein the franchise consulting can be tried upon on the above-mentioned areas.


Traditionally the economy of Varanasi is export-based, with the culturally rich city providing luxury goods to European metropolises. It is recorded that fleets of vessels laden with rich merchandise covered the shores of the city-bound for destinations such as Versailles and Bengal. Lord Macaulay was to describe Varanasi as a “city which, in wealth, population, dignity, and sanctity were among the foremost in Asia.” making the city a good place for developing franchise consulting opportunities in India.

45​. ​MEERUT

Meerut is one of the industrial towns of importance as well as an agricultural area with a few pockets that are not suitable for the purpose of crop plantation. As the city is near to Delhi, it is a good site for making industries..wherein one can take the benefit of franchise consulting opportunity due to its rapid industrialization


Aligarh is an important business centre of Uttar Pradesh and is most famous for its lock industry…wherein one can opt for franchise consulting opportunities in India


Pune is one of the major industrial hubs in Asia and many of these industries are situated in Pimpri-Chinchwad. Industrialization started in 1954 with the arrival of Hindustan Antibiotics Limited. PCMC is now home to the Indian operations of major automobile companies like Premier Ltd., Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. wherein one can take the opportunity of automobile and finance franchise consulting opportunities.

48​. ​KALYAN

It is a founding city corporation of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Kalyan is the 9th biggest city in Maharashtra and 28th in the country making it viable for franchise consulting opportunities.


Manufacturing. Metalware, precision instruments, sporting goods, furniture, matches, and resin, and turpentine are the major manufactures of Jammu and Kashmir, with the bulk of the state’s manufacturing activity located in Srinagar making it the best place for consultancy opportunities.


Gwalior economy is based on the industries housed in the territory. Gwalior is known to be the industrial base that is largely supporting the economy at Gwalior.

In fact, the industries of Gwalior are recognized as the counter magnet to the industries of the National Capital Region wherein one can explore different franchise consulting opportunities where industrialization is at a rapid rate.


Are you someone who wants to explore new business ideas in Kanpur? Read on!

The famous leather city of the world- Kanpur, is one of the major trade and commercial centres in the Northern region of India making it viable for the franchise consultancy opportunities due to consistent business growth rate


Want to invest in a franchise in Nagpur? FranchiseBazar is here to help you!

If there’s one city in India that has exceptional outcomes from all the activities of the government towards development then that is Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra making it suitable for consulting franchise


Are you eagerly looking for new business opportunities in Vishakapatnam? And thinking which franchise business to opt for?

Being the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh-Visakhapatnam can be the best place for financial and tax consulting franchise opportunities.


The Food capital of India- Indore is the most populous and the largest city in Madhya Pradesh. The city acts as the central capital of India. Thereby, giving rise to various new franchise opportunities like franchise consulting in Indore


The modernized city in Mumbai- Thane, is considered as one of the most populous cities in India. It’s known as the ‘City of Lakes’ as it houses more than 30 lakes. For professionals like you, thane can be considered as the Hotspot for the franchise consulting opportunities.

56.​ ​BHOPAL

Looking for the most promising franchise in Bhopal to start your business? You’ve come to the right place!

Bhopal has shown tremendous growth in terms of infrastructure and business development giving tremendous opportunity for consulting franchise opportunities


Patna is the capital of Bihar and the second-largest metropolis in the eastern part of India. Patna is well connected by road with all major cities of the country and is also pretty well known for its cultures wherein people surely accept the franchise model in the arena of consulting franchise.


Formerly known as Baroda, Vadodara is the third-largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat after Ahmedabad and Surat. It is also sometimes referred to as the Sanskari Nagari (city) of India. As the people in the city are money-minded, one can surely start with tax consultancy franchise opportunities.


Is the consultancy franchise opportunity in Ghaziabad a profitable business idea? Yes, Ghaziabad is a well-planned industrial area, with good rail and road connectivity. This city is also known as The Gateway of UP.


Ludhiana is Punjab’s largest city and India’s largest city north of Delhi. It is a city and a municipal corporation in Ludhiana district in the Indian state of Punjab. Its industrial development surely attracts franchise consultant agents like you


Coimbatore, also known as Kovai or Coyamuthur, is a major city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a major hub for the manufacturing, education, and healthcare in Tamil Nadu and is among the fastest-growing city in India giving an opportunity to open up a finance consultancy franchise office

62. AGRA

Are you on a lookout for how to and what business we can do in Agra? The city known to be a tourist destination is also home to various small-scale industries catering to leather goods, carpets, embroidery, marble, etc. attracting professionals like you.


Explore small scale business ideas in Madurai where you can find few of the best small-scale industries. Madurai rich in its heritage and culture is majorly known for its popular temples. This city can be the best for opening up a small scale branch for franchise consulting as slowly and steadily the city is progressing towards the industrialization and commerce.


Jalandhar has been selected in the second phase of the smart city project and 200 crores have been allocated to the municipal corporation for initializing the project. Jalandhar exports goods like furniture, glass to neighboring cities and is a global hub for the manufacture of sporting equipment making this place suitable for franchise consulting opportunities.


Bikaner is situated in Rajasthan, and its economy is primarily agricultural and pastoral. Wheat and barley are cultivated over large areas, as are pulses, sugarcane, and oilseeds. Since 1950, Rajasthan has been the lucrative hub of industrialization, trade, and commerce wherein one can start with consulting practices.


Dehradun has experienced a commercial and information technology upswing, amplified by the establishment of software technology parks of India (STPI) wherein franchise consulting can surely be a great opportunity.


The primary drivers of the economy of Ujjain are trade and commerce, service sector (mainly public sector establishments), and the Primary sector. Manufacturing and processing industries, especially household and small-scale engineering industries, also contribute to the city’s economy, though marginally making it the best place for franchise consulting opportunities


Udaipur has a diversified economic base. The major contributions to the city’s economy come from tourism, agriculture, and mineral industries. The handicraft and cottage industry sectors play an important part in contributing to the growing economy wherein varied franchise consulting opportunities can be taken advantage of.


It features a high rate of GDP growth and contributes almost 20% to India’s overall industrial output. Power, construction, and trade contribute a major share to the prosperity of the state. A Gujarat stand 5th is the contribution towards the total GDP of the nation so one can surely benefit themselves by starting a finance, tax, job consulting franchise opportunities.


Among the rail divisions of the Indian Railway, Dhanbad Rail Division is the second-largest in revenue generation after the Mumbai division. Dhanbad ranked as the top city in India with the highest 4G availability in India by a survey of Opensignal so wherein technology and town development are at a rapid rate, one can surely take the opportunity of franchise consulting career opportunities in Dhanbad.


The economic activities of the city revolve around industrial activity, mining and support services wherein making it viable for opportunities under franchising so one can easily start with consulting franchise to wow entrepreneurs seeking franchisees


The tea industry of Siliguri is developing at a very high speed. This Economy is certainly competing with many other countries of the world but still, it’s position strongly. The tourism industry of Siliguri is also flourishing day by day. A large number of hotels are establishing to cope up the rate of demand of tourists which gives an opportunity to open up various franchisees related to the food industry, hotels, etc. wherein franchisee surely needs the consultant franchise professional like you.


Industrial and commercial activities dominate Mangalore’s economy. It is the only city in Karnataka to have all modes of transport — air, road, rail, and sea. The fastest-growing non-metro (Indian city of population less than 1 million) in South India is Mangalore wherein one can surely start a franchise consulting business in Mangalore which gives you..amenities


Upcoming theme-based SEZs near Jabalpur, industry parks in Indore and food parks at multiple locations aim to promote sectoral growth providing an opportunity for the professionals to open up with new career opportunities like consulting under franchising in India


Often termed as Sheffield of the East, Howrah is known as an engineering hub, mainly in the area of light engineering industry giving it a place for technical education wherein one can easily start with an education consultancy franchise in Howrah.


Vasai-Virar sub-region has witnessed the fastest growth of real estate as well as ancillary development over the last two decades. The region’s population has been increasing rapidly in this region owning to continuously improving connectivity, affordability of real estate prices and improved infrastructure so one can start with real estate consultancy franchise easily in Vasai – Virar


Nashik is one of the most important cities in the state after Mumbai and Pune. Today, Nashik is one of India’s most rapidly growing cities. The main industries that have contributed to the economic growth of the city in the last several years are manufacturing, engineering giving in new opportunities related to franchise consulting opportunities.


The city has the presence of Steel Authority of India Ltd., Oil, and Natural Gas Corporation, Electrosteel Castings amongst others. Steel Authority India Limited – The economy of the City is primarily dependent on the integrated steel plant established by Steel Authority of India wherein industries are at a rapid development stage one can surely take the benefits of franchise consulting.


Since the 17th century, Eluru was known for rug weaving, derived from weavers of Iranian descendants. Tangellamudi, Sanivarapupeta, and Lakshavarapupeta areas of the city are known for the wool pile carpet industry. The eco-friendly carpets are exported to countries like the US, Australia, Germany, and the UK so various industries are growing at rapid development, thus one can surely take the benefits of franchise consulting


The Imphal – economy is highly dependent on the household industries of Imphal. The tourism industry of the area also contributes a lot to the economy of Imphal. Tourism is one of the main sources of the economy of Imphal. Imphal has no dearth of tourist attractions and places of interest. Therefore the Tourism industry of Imphal is flourishing day by day. A large number of hotels are establishing to cope up the rate of demand of tourists which gives an opportunity to open up various franchisees related to the food industry, hotels, etc. wherein franchisee surely needs the consultant franchise professional like you.

81. REWA

Rewa district is particularly rich in mineral resources as a large variety of important minerals are found here. Limestone, Sandstone, industrial minerals like phosphate, asbestos, calcite, Talc (soap-stone) are the major driving resources behind the industries based in the city. As for the composition of industries is concerned, one can surely benefit themselves from consulting franchises in India.


With many proposed large and small scale industries, the economy of Sagar is bound to grow at a fast pace. Therefore, one can consider consulting franchise in Sagar


Different sections of Rampur are on the one hand, and the different economic opportunities are open to Rampur in the field of education and industrialization calling out for education consulting franchise in Rampur.


Pondicherry economy is largely based on engineering, food processing, chemicals, metals, tourism, textiles, and information technology. Agriculture and economy are the mainstays of Pondicherry’s economy. Therefore, one can surely start its career in franchise consulting of the various industries mentioned above.


it is a commercial centre, mainly cotton trading. There are also textile and vegetable-oil industries making this place as industry-friendly and thus calling out for consultancy


Ichalkaranji City is a place amongst the cities having the highest per capita income in the country. It is the fastest-growing industrial area in western Maharashtra. Earlier, Ichalkaranji was famous for cotton cloths, dhotis, and saris. But slowly and steadily the growth of industries is making it viable for consulting franchise opportunities for various segments.


Industrialization plays a vital role in economic development and osmanabad is one of it in the state of Maharashtra, wherein it derives its name from the last ruler of Hyderabad wherein one can surely start a career in consulting of franchisees.


Thriving economy Several important industries and IT parks are in the vicinity and has further led to the growth of upcoming properties in Dombivali, directly contributing to Mumbai Real Estate. The neighbourhood possesses popular IT Parks such as Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City and Millennium Business Park has contributed to its popularity making it viable for consulting in various segments of franchising.


Apart from the second-home industry, chikki business, pharmaceutical industry, and plastic industries are some of the industries that consider most of the economy of Lonavala wherein consulting can be considered as a good option.


Hubli-Dharwad is the second-largest city, in terms of area and population, in Karnataka. It is one of the 49 Metropolitan clusters selected by McKinsey & Company as growth hotspots in India. It is the 3rd highest revenue generator for Karnataka and 22nd for India in terms of income wherein finance professionals can surely opt for a finance consulting franchise in Hubli.


It is a part of the state of Karnataka wherein

There are 23 units of large and medium scale industries in this district with an investment of Rs.447.76 crores employing making it viable for the consulting segment.


However, the rapid industrialisation process has given rise to a debate over land acquisition for the industry in this agrarian state..but demand for industrialization is also more giving it rise to franchisees in franchise industry calling out for franchise consultancy.


Its economy is largely based on tea, agriculture & tourism, where the former has played a significant role in the development of the region since the beginning. The Darjeeling Himalaya constitute a fragile and unique ecological system wherein one can surely start consulting for food and hotel franchisees.


The economy of the Anand is very vibrant which ranges from farming to big scale industries. Major crops include Tobacco and Banana. Anand is home to the famous Amul Dairy, Vidya Dairy, Amul Chocolate Plant, Mogar and Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation wherein consulting franchise can easily find its ground


19% of Jamnagar District’s population is Muslim. The local population has long given up its ancestral fishing business and adopted many new-age professions as the local economy has picked up due to the industrialisation of Jamnagar and the arrival of several giant companies. The new age population has taken up new career opportunities wherein the consulting business can surely be a hit.


The industrial development of the economy plays a pivotal role and a small scale industry has been adopted as a policy goal in Dwarka giving opportunities to professionals like you under franchising consulting business initially at a smaller stage.

97. ​ ​NADIAD

Nadiad has a Good Economy due to the Industrial Zone. Nadiad has a Major Industrial Zone. Nadiad has Major GIDC Area Including Kamla and Manjipura making it viable to take up different franchisees thus calling out for franchise consultants.


Modern history and economy, Etawah has experienced modernization and development under British Raj and in the post-independence period. The district is partly watered by branches of the Ganges canal. It is traversed by the mainline of the Indian railway (northern zone) from Delhi to Howrah (Calcutta) wherein one can easily start with franchise consulting in Etawah due to the rapid modernization taking place


Sambhal has the largest market of menthol in South Asia. It’s also popular worldwide for its handicrafts made of buffalo horn, seashells, and mother of pearls. Micro-factories located in the area named Sarai Tareen play a key role in the production of crafts. There are plenty of artisans who are skilled. Therefore one can easily start with franchise consulting in various industries in Sambhal.


Tourism is one of the most promising drivers of growth for the economy. Vrindavan Mathura tourism industry is a powerhouse and one of the most important economic sectors of the city. Vrindavan Mathura has the potential to become a hub of Spiritual and Religious Tourism which means that professionals opting for a consulting franchise can prove to be the best option due to the availability of various industries more focusing on the food and tourism industry.



As it is the financial capital of India, this can be considered as the strategic location for setting up a consulting franchise office and can expand your business to the highest levels


We have researched, compiled, and provided you with the top 100 locations in India which are viable for starting a consulting franchise business at the ease.


Franchise Consultants in India is hired by both the parties i.e. franchisor and franchisee. The franchisee employs them to select the right franchise company for them. So start and become the best franchise consultant in India and grab the opportunities.